Brand biography & history

The brand was established since 1988, with its own workshop and skilled craftsmen. It has been cooperating closely with famous luxury brands from Europe, America and Japan for a wide range of product developments and bulk production. Together with professional designers of famous brands, creating the fashion trend of leather products until now.
Today, the freshen up and sophisticated GIGI is creating it's own style, starting from Hong Kong and aim to expend to worldwide, with big faith to provides the another room for real leather goods lover.
Brand philosophy
“There is no ending note to continuous exploration for capable craftsmen who wish to improve their skills throughout the lifetime”
Except the traditional handbags & wallets, GIGI is expending its product range to travelling cases, Desk accessories, Technology product accessories, Musical instrument accessories, Jewelries, Key Fobs, Novelty products etc…
The spirit“Continuous Exploration” is the motive force of GIGI to develop all these different kinds of products, and also the reason why GIGI’s products cover a lot of fields of living.