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Gigi Leather Goods Limited is a family owned business. Director David and Nancy were trying to find a way to earn a living. They tried to sell different things but not successful. Nancy tried working in a factory as a worker, but feel like “I could be more than a worker.”.

One day, they saw a hawker selling leather wallets on the street and was sold good, so they tried to sell the same thing. The leather wallet was sold in a minute. However, the hawker saw David and Nancy pulling the customers away, the hawker started dropping the price and tried to pull back the customer. Then a price war began.

David and Nancy found it difficult to earn a living as a hawker. In the 1980s, a lot of people established factories in China. David and Nancy followed the trend. With help from their relatives, they establish the first production line in Guang Zhou on 1 Jan 1990.

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