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Our Myanmar factory is located in Yangon Region, 30 minutes drives from Yangon international airport. With benefit of zero import tariffs to US, our first production line has been established since 2016.


Our factory set up complies with international customers’ requirements. We have in house lab doing tests once receive the raw materials. Our raw materials warehouse is clean and organized.


We have a technician team in Myanmar cooperating with our China development team, communicating closely to carry out the production in Myanmar. Our technician team develops the production tools, organize the production line machines to ensure the production could be operated in high speed and precisely.


Our Myanmar production lines has a lot of machine set up, capable running mass productions with standardized products. Our Myanmar factory workers are hardworking and keen on learning. Leather goods manufacturing was a new industry in Myanmar. After years of training, our factory tend to produce more different types of leather goods.

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