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Our China factory is located in Zhong Shan City, Guang Dong Province, 30 minutes drives from Shen Zhen international airport and Guang Zhou international airport, since 1992.


Our research and development team is based in our China factory, responsible to develop all products that run in China or Myanmar production line. Thanks to our team is innovative and never say give up when we face difficulties, we have made a lots of breakthroughs on products. We have developed a lots of products that never existed or products that never combine with leather. This is the reason why we are noticeable among the top leather goods manufacturers.


Our production line workers are skillful and mindful, capable working with different materials, using different skills to work on different products. All the special items are products in our China production line. We have also got an in house wooden leather goods workshop, so when we work on wooden base leather goods, each compartment could be more tight fit.


Besides of above, our China factory is also an important logistics center. We have a purchase team and a warehouse team helping to consolidate China’s raw materials and transport to our Myanmar factory in a timely manner.

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